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American Stranger
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Jeff's debut CD features songs by Ray Charles, Jimmy Cliff, The Grateful Dead, Merle Haggard, Van Morrison, Procul Harum, Leon Russell, Bruce Springsteen and others. (Read the press release here.) "American Stranger" was
tracked at Goose Creek Studios in Virginia, mixed at Gray Matter Studios in Mississippi, and mastered at Falling Mountain Studios in Colorado.  It was featured and reviewed by one of Italy's largest on-line music retailers (translation here).  


"Very affecting, immediate, and sincere, with fine instrumental back-up ... plus, Jeff know's how to breathe and phrase.  A superb CD!"
El McMeen
Fingerstyle  & Celtic Guitarist
International Musician of the Year

"Very impressed with the tone and phrasing.  Killer guitar ... a great add to my collection."
Colin Dussault
Singer/Songwriter, Harmonica Player
The Colin Dussault Blues Project

"Sounds really good!   Your voice has good tone and your guitar is Fab!  Nice mix."
Guitarist,  Vocalist, Songwriter

"This collection showcases so many of Jeff's formidable talents --- I daresay he "owns" some of these songs.  All of the playing is first rate and the tracking was superb.  What a pleasure!"
Michael DeLalla
Guitarist, Producer
Falling Mountain Music
Niwot, CO

I was so impressed with the versatility that Jeff has demonstrated on his new CD. “Since I Fell for You”, is one of my all time favorite songs.  Jeff’s arrangement and orchestration exudes breathtaking emotion.
John "Jukebox Johnny" Sabol
Beverly Art Studio
Beverly, NJ

"I'm lovin' American Stranger! It's in heavy rotation on my laptop. Great song choices, very tastefully produced, well recorded and you know I love your voice. Lisa sounds great, too.  Good job and I'm looking forward to your next CD! Big hug, "
Elena Bullen Hood
Wilton, CT

“My CD's arrived today and I'm on the second playing. Tried to work but quickly gave up. Declared the afternoon an official holiday. I can't pick out a favorite - a song starts and I say, oh yeah! - this one!  Want MORE!”
Fred Pierce
Guitarist, Vocalist
Lubec, ME

"Outstanding Sherm!!! I love your version of "Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink." Still running around my head and been singing it all afternoon."
Tim Wampler
Guitarist & Vocalist
Nashville, TN

Jeff Sherman American Stranger CD Cover

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American Stranger CD Inside Cover

I’m so impressed by the fullness of the sound of the arrangements, and the feel they immediately gave to me. Very inspired and inspiring music! A kind of energy that is very very rare in the context of contemporary music.
Matteo Masi
Guitarist, Vocalist
Florence, Italy

"He's got the energy, he's got the chops, he's got the songs .... it's a damn good CD on every level."
Al Evans
Guitraist, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Songwriter
Austin, TX

"The vocal talent, tone and musicianship were obvious.  Great first song choice!  Set my expectations high ... and there was no disappointment.  I can't really add to what the others have written about your CD but I know great music and mojo when I hear it!  I've just heard it."
Chuck Sears
Guitarist, Vocalist
Cumberland, RI

"Great CD. Great recording techniques, unique instrumentation, interesting arrangements; a highly polished product.  The sound quality is excellent and each piece captures a mood.  I started listening and couldn't stop smiling.  Trust me...this is damned good."
Bob Dorgan
Guitarist, Vocalist
Phelps, NY

Colin Dussault CD Release Party
CD release party with Colin Dussault

"Great stuff. 'Since I Fell for You' --- KILLER!  Vocals are spot-on, and the arrangements are solid.  'Whiter Shade of Pale' --- never would have imagined it working without the organ, but damned if it doesn't reach right out and grab you."
Bill Chandler
Bassist, Guitarist & Vocalist
The One Night Stands
Bainbridge, IN

"Great CD.  Nice jazz sort of style mixed in there with the folk. The song that surprised me the most was 'The Harder They Come.'  It would never have occurred to me that you could take a Reggae number like that and so totally reinterpret it and make it your own.  I loved your version."
Arlene Boumel
Guitarist, Vocalist
President, Broward Folk Club
Coral Springs, FL

"Hmm, he sounds like a Cleveburg hipster to me.  Seriously, mine came in the mail today and I've been loading it on all my computers.  Very nice, well done, all."
Raf Seibert
Guitarist & Vovcalist
Mineral Wells, TX